Yarnton Junction




South Leigh






Brize Norton & Bampton






Kelmscott & Langford





Track plans courtesy of Stanley C. Jenkins. Digital restoration of the hand drawn originals by Martin Loader using Adobe Photoshop. As soon as details of the exact layout of the turnouts in the nine road marshalling yard at Yarnton Junction come to light, that too will be added to the plans. The plans depict the layout in their final form, after the extensive additions during World War 2.


Gradient Plans

Gradient Plan Wolvercote Junction to Cassington

Gradient Plan Eynsham to Witney

Gradient Plan Bampton to Carterton


Gradient Plan Alvescot to Fairford
Gradient diagrams courtesy of Stanley C. Jenkins.

Junction Maps

19th Century map of Yarnton Junction

19th Century map of the railway at Witney

Images produced from the www.old-maps.co.uk service with permission of Landmark Information Group Ltd and Ordnance Survey.